5 reasons why customer personas are essential to any business

why customer personas are essential

5 reasons why customer personas are essential to any business

You’ve probably heard of ‘Customer Personas’, sometimes otherwise known as ‘Buyer Personas’. But what are they? Why are they important? And why are customer personas essential to your business?

A customer persona represents a type of consumer that your business attracts and you can have as many as you might need to cover your target audience. 

The personas essentially break down each type of customer to detail who they are and what makes them tick – from their interests, age range, likes and dislikes and potential concerns, right through to their thought process and how they might come to make a purchase from your business.

They shouldn’t be ignored and should be a key part of your decision making processes! Here’s 5 reasons why customer personas should be essential to any business.

  • Know what your ideal customers are looking for

When you break down your consumers into groups and create customer personas, not only do you have a better picture of the way your target audiences operate, it becomes much clearer what hurdles they’re trying to navigate and how your business and product could help meet their needs.

Customer personas highlight gaps in the market – you might notice that there’s an obvious gap in your business’ offerings and be able to quickly act upon this knowledge.

When you begin to understand what motivates your customers, it’s much easier to know what they’re looking for and how you can sell it to them.

  • It’s time to get specific

Once buyer personas are in place, you can begin to effectively tailor your marketing strategies.

One example is splitting your customer database and mailing list by the various personas that you create – that way, you can quickly and easily ensure that relevant information will be seen by them, without them having to search for it (and potentially finding your competitors!).

Plus, you don’t have to do all the legwork to see these benefits! Why not amend your newsletter signup process and ask potential customers to stipulate what they’re interested in? From there, you can channel them into the most suitable personas and customer journeys.

Reach your target audience and customers

So your personas have been created and your customer database has been updated to reflect this. What next? 

Now that you know what these different types of customers are looking for, you know what’s valuable to them and how you can help. It’s time to seriously target your content!

Use this as a rule when creating ANY piece of content – is it valuable to one of your customer personas? Yes…? perfect! No? Then it’s not needed.

This gives you a great opportunity to be ruthless and to not waste time. You might think that sending a certain email or building an automation journey should be a top priority, however, when you ask yourself the question above, it turns out that it’s really not. 

If your customers don’t find the information that they receive from you to be informative or valuable, not only will they not engage with it but they’ll begin to lose trust in your brand too.

  • Understand what makes your customers tick and why they choose your business and product

When you know all there is to know about your target customers, you can begin to understand how (and where) to communicate with them.

Speak to your customers where they already are. So, for example, if they are active on Twitter, be there! If it’s LinkedIn, that’s the place for you! And so on with other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or perhaps TikTok.

Whereas LinkedIn is more professional, although this is often being debated, the likes of Facebook and Instagram offer a unique chance to be more conversational with your audience.

What you might post on LinkedIn isn’t going to appeal to your audience over on Instagram. So, be sure to personalise each channel as needed. 

Yes, it will take more time than posting across all channels at once but it will be so worthwhile!

  • Build a bond and trust with your customer base

When you have the valuable ability to meet your customers where they already are and have the information that they need, readily available for them to consume, this will help to build a foundation of trust and respect.

We’ve spoken before about customer loyalty and why it’s so vital to your business, not just because you want to keep your customers happy but because on average, it costs five times more to acquire new customers than it does to retain current customers!

Be sure to check out our blog on customer loyalty, how you can build long lasting relationships and why this is key for your business.

Get to know your customers through business personas

Your customers should be your top priority. That’s true in any business.

Although it might take a while to begin with, by having detailed customer personas in place, effective and successful marketing strategies will soon follow.

Ready to invest your time in your target customers? At HV Media Group, we can help! Why not get in touch today about a FREE 30-minute strategy session? No obligations, just a valuable opportunity to begin your business growth journey.

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