Expert Strategy For Business Success
Make a statement

Creative design to bring your brand to life

Whether it’s print design, logo design or a new direction for social media creatives, our team can help convey your brand’s identity beautifully.

Convey the right message

Any marketing materials need to quickly and easily convey your brand’s key messaging and business values. What’s more, everything needs to be uniform - any potential customer should be able to identify your brand from looking at any assets

Stay ahead of your competition

Don’t lose out on new customers to your competition - stand out from the crowd and prove that you’re a market leader

Breathe new life into tired assets

If you’re tired of your logo or there’s a flyer that’s not helping to entice new customers, it’s time we change that!

Cutting Edge Design Services

Our Customized Creativity Package

Whatever you’re looking for – from a new logo, updated branding, a fresh color palette or perhaps a complete overhaul of your marketing materials, we can help.

Breathe a new lease of life into your brand and reap the rewards!

Expert Strategy For Business Success
Honest advice

Not entirely sure what you’re wanting? We often find that a lot of businesses will know that something needs to be done with their branding, but they can’t quite put their finger on it - at HV Media Group, we’ll be completely upfront and honest with you. We could suggest everything under the sun - but we won’t. We’re looking out for what’s best for your brand, not what we could charge most for!

Let us work our magic

You can rest easy when you hand a project to our expert design team. We’ll treat your brand with the utmost care and consideration, resulting in the best, high-quality creatives for you to review.

Why Choose Us

First, we listen to you.
Then, we act.

We understand that you want to see a visible return on your investment. You’re looking for a long term partner, not just a short term ‘fix’. That’s where we can step in to help. At HV Media Group, we understand what makes the local community tick, their mindset, and what they’re looking for.
We’re Transparent

When you work with us, you know exactly where your money is going. We don’t do hidden tricks or costs, we’re completely open about pricing and packages.

At HV Media Group, we’re not going to offer you a package.

That insinuates that your needs are the same as everyone else’s - which they’re not! Each business is individual, and yours will face it’s own challenges. We won’t offer you a ‘package’ that pretends your needs are the same as everyone else’s.

We’ll find out what you really need and give you an upfront cost right away.

We’re Ethical

We understand that your brand and reputation has taken a significant time to build. That’s why we won’t do anything to put it at risk.

We’ll treat your brand, and your marketing materials, like they’re our own. Why wouldn’t we?

One thing you won’t see - any risks or short term tricks that can get brands banned from search engines.

We’re People-driven

At HV Media Group, you’ll know exactly who you’re working with.

We often hear stories of big city agencies who send in slick salespeople to begin with, and then assign someone inexperienced to work on your website. You won’t get that sort of treatment from us!

You’ll meet the actual team who you’ll work with on a daily basis. What’s more, they’re on the other end of the phone if you have a question or if you need anything. The team will send you regular updates and meet with you in-person.

real testimonials

What They
Say About Our

Taconic Dental has grown so much since working with HV Media Group. Your marketing strategies have really helped us target the type of patients that we want to have in the practice, which has really made the difference…
Erin Prunty
Owner, Taconic Dental
Is Facebook your favourite place to play or does it feel like a confusing mystery? Either way, you need an expert guide to make social media WORK for you. Ed Weeks understands the power of Facebook and Instagram as marketing tools so that as he learns about your business and your existing clients, he can create focused opportunities for discovery by the right new client. Don’t miss an opportunity to consult with Ed!
Kim Sears
Vector Security