LinkedIn updates post algorithm and how content is ranked

LinkedIn updates post algorithm and how content is ranked

LinkedIn updates post algorithm and how content is ranked

Doesn’t it sometimes feel that social platforms are almost constantly changing their algorithms? What was working last month, might not perform as well going forward. Let’s talk more about LinkedIn updates post algorithm and how content is ranked.

LinkedIn has recently revealed plans for an upcoming update that will aim to continue to improve engagement levels, following news that LinkedIn saw record levels of engagement for the sixth quarter in a row.

So, what will be changing?

Fishing for likes and reactions? Not anymore!

You’ve more than likely come across posts where they encourage you to engage in some way, such as a like or reaction, in order to ‘vote’ for something.

For example, a question is asked and how you react, determines your answer. Essentially, these posts aim to grab a user’s attention and boost engagement levels, but they can come across as rather spammy.

Going forward, LinkedIn will be viewing this type of content as misleading and will instead be opting to promote more authentic and organic content.

Too many polls

Been seeing too many polls in your LinkedIn feed? You’re not alone!

Feedback from LinkedIn users shows that users are getting fed up of seeing too many polls, and so this new update will aim on removing them from feeds.

Polls are thought of as a bit of a ‘cheat’ in the way that they are a simple form of engagement and somewhat irresistible to get involved with – who doesn’t love having their opinion heard?!

That’s not to say that you should cut them out completely, just that LinkedIn has seen that they’re being overused and have seen their day.

Opt out of political content

There’s a lot going on in the world right now and sometimes you just don’t want to hear about it across all aspects of your life – latest political news is splashed across newspapers, on the news channels, and across social media platforms too, so you might not want to see it on what is considered to be a more professional networking platform.

Based on user feedback, LinkedIn will be trialling the ability to hide all political content across the platform. This feature will only be available within the US to begin with, however, it may expand to further regions based on feedback.

Cultivate your personal LinkedIn feed

There’s no doubt that you’ll be seeing some changes to your LinkedIn feed over the next few weeks, however, in the meantime you’re always able to personalize and tailor your feed to your liking.

If you ever see something that you don’t like or that you feel isn’t relevant to you, help improve your experience and provide helpful feedback by clicking on the three dots on any post, and selecting ‘I don’t want to see this’.

What to do next?

If you’re a business owner and LinkedIn makes up part of your social media strategy, now is the time to re-think your posts and ensure that they won’t be lost within these latest updates – there’s nothing worse than investing time in creating content, for it to not be seen!

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