Marketing Cannabis Within the U.S.

Marketing Cannabis Within the U.S.

Did you know that less than 10% of all Americans believe that marijuana should be illegal?

Marketing Cannabis – A recent study by Pew Research Center found that not only has there been a dramatic increase in public support for the legalization of cannabis over the last two decades, in fact 91% of adults in the U.S. believe that marijuana should be legalized for either recreational or medical use, or both.

So, what’s the importance of these statistics about cannabis and overall opinions within the United States?

Now that multiple states within the U.S. have legalized small amounts of marijuana for adult recreational use, California, New York, New Jersey and Virginia to name a few, cannabis use is quickly on the rise.

The industry saw a boom during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, and isn’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, cannabis sales hit $25 billion in 2021 and are expected to increase again in 2022, estimated to reach $30 billion.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevents (CDC), around 18% of all Americans (48.2 million) used marijuana at least once in 2019.

This shows a new-found level of demand for cannabis, and with it comes a need for professional marketing services to ensure customers are driven to make a purchase.

Where do we start? Marketing cannabis can be really challenging for obvious reasons. Will ads be banned? What rules and policies must be adhered to? That’s where we can step in to help.

At HV Media Group, we’ve been helping businesses within the New York area and beyond get noticed online for years. We know how to get results for businesses – and quickly too – as today, more than ever, do you really have time (and money) to waste on seeing if a tactic actually works?

If you’re a business owner who’s serious about growing your cannabis business, get in touch about a FREE 30-minute strategy session here.

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