Marketing in 2022 – What hit the spot and what missed the mark? A year in review…

Marketing in 2022

Marketing in 2022 – What hit the spot and what missed the mark? A year in review…

Another year is wrapping up. It’s safe to say that 2022 has well and truly been a rollercoaster of a year. 

From inflation and the cost of living crisis, to record-breaking heat waves worldwide and the passing of the second longest-ever reigning monarch, there couldn’t be a better time to stop, take a breath and reflect back on what was 2022 in the world of marketing.

So, what worked? What completely missed the mark? 

Here, we break down our 3 top highlights for where the world of marketing is going in 2023, as well as look at what hasn’t worked so far…

  • Social media channels – it’s all changing!

What might have worked for you and your business in 2020 and 2021 isn’t necessarily going to have worked in recent months, let alone moving forward into the New Year.

For example, Twitter isn’t what it once was. 

Yes, it’s still a valuable platform for sharing shorter-form communications with your network, however following its takeover by Elon Musk and continual changes since then, it’s seen a rapid decline in users and general popularity. 

Is Twitter on the outs? It’s not been a great year for the platform!

Well, it’s been reported that Twitter is anticipating a loss of 32 million users by 2024.

So, where to? TikTok…and LinkedIn!

Short-form video content is in and it’s the way to go…

It doesn’t have to stop there either! Be sure to utilise and repurpose video content wherever possible, whether that’s YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels or even on LinkedIn. 

Yes, LinkedIn! The platform, often considered to be for ultra-professional purposes only, is currently in the process of surveying company pages and even running beta groups focusing on how to better support your content.

  • Geo-targeting will become more popular amongst businesses

You might have read one of our blog posts on local SEO and how to ensure that you’re not missing out on potential business on your doorstep…well how about geo-targeting your social posts?

Geo-targeting is definitely worth a try.

It has long been available to businesses in order to target a very specific group based on their location, however, it’s only now starting to get the attention it deserves!

Maybe you’re hosting a pop-up event in-store? Or how about a conference for your clients? 

Either way, by starting to utilise the geo-targeting feature within social media platforms such as Facebook, you can begin to not only attract more local customers and make the most of your marketing budgets, but showcase your business’ authority and hide your creative efforts from competitors too!

  • Be ready for the unforeseen (and ready to adapt)

Turn back the clocks to late 2019 or early 2020. Nobody could have seen the Covid-19 pandemic coming.

At the time, some businesses were ready to adapt almost overnight. We saw this especially with businesses opting to utilise conferencing software such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Flexibility and the ability to respond to a crisis is a must for 2023. 

Businesses got creative! 2022 was seen as the first ‘real’ year after the pandemic, where the public weren’t subjected to restrictions and could shop as they wish. 

Some companies have fared pretty well following the pandemic and managed to hold onto the same success that they experienced during lockdowns, where others have fallen at the hurdle. 

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