More Google updates are coming…are you ready?

More Google updates are coming…are you ready?

More Google updates are coming…are you ready?

A while back, we discussed the latest Google Analytics 4 update to let you know how you could best prepare for the changes.

It might feel like there are new Google updates to be aware of each week, and that’s not far from the truth! In fact, a lot is going on at the moment, with broad core updates, local search ranking updates and product review updates all either in the works or on the horizon.

So, what do you need to know?  

Google updates… what’s coming up

A lot! Google has just recently launched the fifth Product Reviews update, just a few weeks after rolling out the last batch. These updates focused on ensuring customer’s ease when researching a product by allowing them to quickly find high-quality original reviews.

The September Broad Core update is also already underway, causing a lot of upset within the SEO world with multiple reports of drops in website traffic by anywhere between 20-60%. 

How can you prepare your website?

If you’ve noticed a drop in website visitors, there might not necessarily be anything that you can do to simply and quickly ‘fix’ a webpage. If your site isn’t performing as well as usual, you haven’t done anything wrong. Your website isn’t violating or breaching any rules or regulations. 

In fact, Google themselves has released the statement below:

“We know those with sites that experience drops will be looking for a fix, and we want to ensure they don’t try to fix the wrong things. Moreover, there might not be anything to fix at all.”

Google has previously stated that updates don’t target specific pages or sites, they just aim on improving how their systems assess and award content as a whole.

So, no fix. But, here’s what you can do…

  • Deep dive into your website content

Are you offering quality content? You might want to instantly respond with a ‘yes’, however, be sure to take a proper look. 

Are you providing original information? How about insightful analysis? 

If the answer isn’t ‘yes’ to these questions, then it’s time to have another think about your website content and give it a refresh.

  • Nothing fancy – apply standard SEO practices

To see real SEO results, you don’t have to do anything extraordinary. You just have to apply standard SEO practices…and keep up with them!

  1. Carry out a site audit to know what needs ‘fixing’ right away and get started from there. 
  2. Do some research on your competitors and target those niche keywords to bring in extra potential customers. 
  3. Optimize pages across your website for quick wins – from adding meta data, ALT tags, and more. 
  4. What’s next? Constant reassessment…your work is never done!

That’s the difficult part – SEO is constantly evolving, meaning that spending a few hours working behind the scenes here and there isn’t anywhere near enough. 

That’s where HV Media Group can step in to help with expert SEO Optimization.

Digital Marketing in New York

We can help you get found by the right people! When they say ‘build it and they will come’, it applies to your website and its SEO too.

The world of SEO and Google updates can be difficult to keep on top of, so leave us to it and focus on doing what you do best.

At HV Media Group, we know that content is (and always will be) King. We pride ourselves on creating engaging and relevant content that not only works well for Google bots, meaning you rank well, but reads really well too…we don’t believe in keyword-stuffing!

Why not get in touch today about a FREE 30-minute strategy session? No obligations, just a valuable opportunity to begin your business growth journey.

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