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Should you run Facebook Ads in 2023?

Should you run Facebook Ads in 2023?

Should you run Facebook Ads in 2023?

Contrary to what you might think, or have heard, Facebook continues to grow and be a successful social media platform. But will it still be an effective marketing tool for your business in 2023? The answer is, yes!

With nearly 2 billion users, Facebook has a wealth of users spanning a wide range of demographics for you to reach. And if they’re not on Facebook, the chances are, they’re on Instagram.

The biggest advantage Facebook has, as a platform for any business marketing campaign, is scope, scale and diversification.

However, it’s not all rainbows and lollipops. Running Facebook ads can be challenging. 

Targeting your audience

The flexibility that Facebook ads have to offer is unparalleled when it comes to targeting your audience. 

Staying relevant on social media doesn’t have to mean looking for the latest trends on TikTok and Snapchat. 

Facebook ad campaigns are quick and to set up, they also generate fast results due to the large reach of active users. With audience tools, you can identify your core audience but also learn more about your potential audience and eliminate users who are not. 

The targeting potentials include interests, behaviours, age, locations etc. but it can go further than that and target trends and cultures to really understand your target demographic and add to the personalised experience of your ad campaign. 

Using this data, you can choose who you do and don’t want to see your ads by making your marketing campaign tailored to your audience and rivalling your competitors.


Facebook offers a wide range of placements for where your ads will show:

  • Newsfeeds
  • Marketplace
  • Messenger
  • Stories and reels
  • In-article and Apps

Depending on your objectives, your ads can appear across multiple Meta platforms to increase the number of consumers it can reach. 

Combinations of placements are vast and the freedom and fluidity they provide businesses is endless, at little cost to your budget. 


Empowering your business to find out what works, Facebook Insights enables you to measure the performance of your ad campaign depending on your goals.

Personalized metrics provide you with further insights into the performance of your ads. Understand your Return to Ad Spend (ROAS), conversion values and reach, as well as diagnose your ad objectives regularly with specific tools to consider your business goals. These include:

  • Awareness
  • Traffic
  • Engagement 
  • Leads
  • App promotion 

Vigorous metrics generated by Ads Manager include your weekly reach, post engagement, likes, clicks and conversions and more, all neatly laid out for ease of analysis to make your next move. 

Customised Call to Actions

Tell your audience what to do. Psychologically proven, Calls to Action (CTA) reinforce our sense of reward. According to research, the best CTAs provide three key benefits: guidance, information and anxiety relief.

Effective CTA on your Facebook ads increase your click-through rates, but also boost your audience’s confidence in the knowledge that they are dealing with a business that empowers them in the decision making process.

Facebook offers a wide range of CTA options to tailor to your ad campaigns. These include: subscribe, contact us, sign up, learn more to name a few. 

Wanting to explore Facebook Ads more in 2023 and take your marketing campaign to a new level?  At HV Media Group, we can help! Why not get in touch today about a FREE 30-minute strategy session? No obligations, just a valuable opportunity to begin your business growth journey.

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